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Features and benefits of luxury vinyl planks from RPM Carpet & Floor Coverings

The luxury vinyl plank is a floor covering product that has not received the attention it deserves. Commercial designers love luxury vinyl planks, but their enthusiasm has not filtered down to consumers at large.

RPM Carpet & Flooring Coverings wants to change that. We would like to share the benefits and features of LVP. Luxury vinyl planks hold a place of their own among vinyl tile flooring. A luxury vinyl plank differs in how it is manufactured and in the application and aesthetics of the product.

You can have a look, grain, and character of real wood. Today's manufacturing technology creates amazing vinyl 'wood' planks that admirably rival real wood. Top designers, who could choose any type of flooring, opted for LVP. The ability to replicate real wood with advanced photographic technology is the basis of a luxury vinyl plank. Four layers are fused together to manufacture the finished product. The luxury vinyl planks start with a vinyl backing, then a layer of colored vinyl, followed by layer of photographic film.

The top layer is aluminum oxide or a urethane coat. The top layer is referred to as the wear layer. The durability of the top layer is important to the quality of a luxury vinyl plank. Quality LVP is 40 mils thick. Commercial grade must be at least 20 mils thick. Lower mil layers are suitable only for light traffic applications.

Luxury vinyl plank features

  • Realistic photo replications that appear as natural wood
  • Easy to maintain
  • Naturally, resists water
  • Scuff, dent, stain, and scratch resistant
  • Cost-effective
  • Durable
  • More resilient than other surface floors
  • Impressive aesthetics

Benefits of LVP

  • Lower cost than hardwood floors
  • Satisfies green standards
  • Meets slip resistance requirements, flammability codes, and other safety codes
  • Cleaning is done simply with a damp mop
  • Ideal for high-traffic areas in the home or business
  • It is warmer underfoot than ceramic and easier to stand on for extended periods

At RPM Carpet & Floor Coverings, we offer the latest and greatest luxury vinyl planks. These planks have amazed the guests of customers from East Harwich, MA, Cape Cod, MA, Sandwich, MA, && Barnstable, MA. The luxury vinyl planks look just like wood. Come into our E. Harwich, MA showroom to see for yourself.

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